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Introducing BTUtiful 100% Douglas Fir Super Premium Wood Pellets, our best pellet! This pellet is the same great product as our Blazer Pellet but with superior packaging to protect the pellets! We searched the country and this is possibly the best pellet in the United States. Douglas Fir is the finest raw material available to be pelletized and comes all the way from the majestic forests in Oregon. All raw materials comes from renewable sources so it is environmentally friendly as well. This pellet is so good that we are seeing test results of .1% ash levels and BTU’s in the 9,000 range. BTUtiful Wood pellets are perfect for the demanding pellet burners that care about quality and less maintenance. The BTUtiful pellet when tested as Blazer was Rated “Top 5 Pellets to Burn" by and rated “Best Pellets to Burn” for the 2014 & 2015 heating season by

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BTUtiful Super premium wood pellets are possibly the best wood pellets in the United States. They are made of 100% Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir which is the finest raw material available to pelletize. The raw wood is acquired in the "green" (wet) state and dried to the proper moisture content. Precise control of the drying process assures the volatile components will be retained to radiate maximum heat from the burning pellets. BTUtiful pellets are regularly tested by independent laboratories to ensure that our pellets exceed the standards established by the PFI (Pellet Fuel Institute) for Super Premium Fuel classification. All BTUtiful Pellets are manufactured by West Oregon Wood Products in Columbia City, Oregon. They are then loaded (in bulk, loose form) into rail cars and shipped across the country. Once on the east coast they are re-screened and bagged to bring you the best quality wood pellet available. The fact that they are bagged here and not in Oregon prevents any damaged associated with railing pellets to be eliminated and keeps your pellets in pristine condition. The BTUtiful brand wood pellet has earned a loyal following due to its ultra-low ash level (in the .1% range) and super high heat output (up to 9,000 BTU). No chemicals or additives are used of any kind, just 100% natural Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir wood. Unlike the big box stores, we burn pellets every day to heat our showroom and constantly monitor the quality. BTUtiful Wood pellets are perfect for the demanding pellet burners that care about quality and less maintenance. If you want the highest heat output possible and the least amount of cleaning your stove, then you have to try BTUtiful!

Ash - .17% | BTU (As Received) – 8,450 BTU/lb. | BTU (Moisture Free) – 8,900 BTU/lb. | Moisture – 5.49% | Wood Type: 100% Douglas Fir (Softwood)

We show both “Moisture Free” and the “As Received” BTU testing results so you can make informed comparison with other pellet fuels. Many pellet retailers only show the “Moisture Free” results to make the product appear better. The “Moisture Free” number is not a real world figure since that is only accurate once all of the moisture has been completely removed from the product. The true measure of heat content is the “As Received” value, that is how the pellets tested straight out of the bag and is equivalent to the heat they’ll give off when you burn them at your own home.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality

    Reviews are for the Blazer brand which is the same pellet as the better packaged BTUtiful brand

    Review by Corey via
    I have burned around 15 different pellet brands including Cubex, Energex, Green Supreme, Curran, and others. I can say that Blazers are by far the best pellet I have used. The ash is nearly non-existent and the heat is excellent.
    Review by Charlotte via
    I love Blazer pellets! Best I've ever used!
    Review by Ann via
    We just bought our first ton of Blazers after reading some great reviews of them. We love these pellets!!! We've tried five different brands in our Golden Eagle 5520 (which is infamous for its burn pot overflow) and these were the absolute best. With other brands, we had to empty the burn pot at least once per day - the pellets simply were not burning fast enough - but with these, we can run the stove for days on end, and they burn HOT! Great heat, low ash, and clean burning - I highly recommend them.
    Review by Anthony M. Guay via
    By far, the warmest & cleanest pellet we've ever burned in 8 years and 7 different pellets! Exiting temp from our pellet stove (a high end, Quadrafire, Mt Vernon insert) 15 degrees, above its closest pellet rival, on average. No jams, no clinkers and after 5 tons the total ash measured; >1 cu ft. Cleaned stove and exhaust blower after 2 1/2 ton. 0 ash in exhaust. Not 1 stove problem all doesn't get any better!
    Review by Chris Hansen via
    These are the best pellets I have ever had, by far. Best price, little ash, lots of heat. Going to use them always.