802 Wood Pellets

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$315 per pallet(ton)
per 40lb bag

Introducing 802 Super Premium 100% Softwood Wood Pellets! Formerly only available in the great state of Vermont, we are proud to now offer them to our Massachusetts & Rhode Island customers. You can now find out what all the fuss was about with this great pellet from Vermont! This top quality pellet offers super high BTU’s and low ash at a very competitive price, especially when compared to the other Vermont brand. 802 Super Premium 100% Softwood pellets are one of the best pellets made in New England and are second only to our west coast Douglas Fir!

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Do you enjoy saving money? If you and your neigbors purchase at the same time, we can coordinate a single trailer load delivery, virtually eliminating delivery costs! Plus, special consideration can be provided for personal loading services directly in the back of a garage (normally an additional fee).

You and your neighbors all burn pellets, so cash in on these savings ahead of time!

Our new 802 Wood Pellets are 100% Renewable, 100% Sustainable, 100% Local: A proud product of Vermont, the 802 brand wood heating pellets are a Super Premium grade pellet made strictly from soft white pine. These pellets produce an 8,500+ BTU/LB with no bark making the ash content a low 0.3%. This means you get more heat for your dollar and you will spend a lot less time cleaning your stove, furnace or boiler. The name comes from “802” the great State of Vermont’s area code. If you compare this pellet to others it is hard to beat especially quality for the price with high BTU’s and that low of ash. Try out the 802 Super premium 100% Softwood pellets and stay warm this winter!

Ash - .30% | BTU (As Received) – 8,631 BTU/lb. | BTU (Moisture Free) – 9,127 BTU/lb. | Moisture – 5.43% | Wood Type: Softwood (100% White Pine)

We show both “Moisture Free” and the “As Received” BTU testing results so you can make informed comparison with other pellet fuels. Many pellet retailers only show the “Moisture Free” results to make the product appear better. The “Moisture Free” number is not a real world figure since that is only accurate once all of the moisture has been completely removed from the product. The true measure of heat content is the “As Received” value, that is how the pellets tested straight out of the bag and is equivalent to the heat they’ll give off when you burn them at your own home.

Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by Bob Greenevia WoodpelletReviews.com
    I have a Harmon PF100 furnace and these pellets seem to be designed for this appliance. Very good heat output, low ash and best of all the clean up time is much shorter. most residue can be removed with an old paint or plastic bristled brush. most just flakes off. I have tried several different brands and this one is by far the best for my furnace. Highly recommended.
    Review by Randi via Internet forum
    I run a Breckwell Big E that has the removable flu plates which allows me to fine tune the airflow. I normally have to remove one plate to run on the high settings, which unfortunately allows more heat out the exhaust of the stove. I am currently running with both plates in which creates more heat in the stove to be convected out and these pellets just cook along on less air. I will definitely be burning these next year for the entire season, as I've found a new favorite.
    Review by Anonymous via rfvermont.com
    My mother Ellen purchased a pellet stove in October 2011. Overall she has been very pleased with all aspects of the system. She has lived at her current location for over 24 years. Before that time she had used only oil for her fuel needs. Several years ago, like most consumers, she looked into a more cost efficient fuel system, and made the choice to purchase a pellet stove. Since that time she has used a number of different quality wood pellet brands and has found that the 802 wood pellets are the best producers of heat with the lowest ash content. She has saved thousands of dollars over the past 5 years in oil heating costs and by using the “Super Premium” 802 wood pellets she has also saved time and money on the cleaning and maintenance of her pellet stove.